Tuesday, September 26, 2006

David's first Day in New York

Cory, David, and I started our New York afternoon off at Jack's World. It is our favorite discount store in New York and it is only a few blocks away. It is like Grocerey Outlet from back home because you
never know what you will find. Today we found our favorite: "meal in a bun." So, we bought 27 packages (27x2=54 meals. In Madison Square Park they werefilming the new Will Smith movie: "I am Legend." We did not see Will, but we saw the stunt car driving through the park. We went to American Apparel so David could take a look around. We walked to Punjabi's Deli for lunch. This is where David wanted to go because he heard they had great food. We discovered, that not only is the food awesome, it is cheap. I am wearing a new hat I bought today and a "Triple Five Soul" sweatshirt Cory found for me. For dessert we headed to Joe's on Waverly for a cupcake made by Amy
Sedaris (of Stranger's With Candy fame). I am going to bed now because I have to get up at 5am. If you need someone to talk to you can call me at 2am California time. David just got back from exploring Central Park. He said that the best part was seeing a giant raccoon


Anonymous 11:04 AM  

Walk and eat, walk and eat....ahhhh the good life.

Always lookin' for a stranger with candy! 12:53 PM  

Amy Sedaris is my HERO! Love her, love her, love her. Nice Hat!

Leonard 1:37 PM  

great hat, Annie-it is good to see you all-the photos and news are great for us back home-we love you guys-have a great time, David-

amorphous nate 2:36 PM  

how do you know amy sedaris made them? was she selling them from the back of her car? was her car hilarious? and how was the cupcake? dry and sarcastic like her brother? or sweetly offensive like her? you can't just say "a cupcake made by amy sedaris" you have to give details. we demand answers.

coryandannie 7:18 PM  

Amy Sedaris personally makes cupcakes once a week for "Joe's Coffee Place" on the corner of Waverly Place and Gay St. in the W. Village. Google it if you need more info than that. The cupcake tasted a lot like absurdist po-mo comedy with a hint of vanilla.

This whole cupcake thing 11:43 PM  

Google Amy Sedaris cupcake and you get 27 thousand hits. I'm fascinated, just fascinated.

amorphous nate 1:06 AM  

wow, the masses are satisfied. how many cupcakes can she make a week? a couple dozen? and how long has she done this? how long will she do this? (there is a math problem at the end of this comment, judging from the direction it has taken...)of all the cupcakes made by amy sedaris, considering the number of people in the greater new york area, you must be very lucky. or be stalking her.

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