Friday, September 01, 2006

Myth Busters

Can you believe my hair used to be one normal color?!? I liked it, but my current hair color is fun. I am waiting for a call from the hair studio for another class to get my hair done again. Today at work I got into a conversation with a customer about eating a "raw" diet. One of the things he told me was cooking with olive oil is bad. When I heard this my heart sank, because I thought cooking with olive oil was the best. He said that when it gets heated it turns into saturated fat/trans- fatty oil. When I got home from work I decided to check this out on Google. Google helped me bust this myth. While cooking with olive oil does change the flavor, it does not change the nutritional value nor does it make it saturated fat or trans-fatty oil. Click here to see one of the webpages I looked at. Now I can sleep peacefully. Cory and I are going to watch episode 1 of season 3 of the Sopranos.


Bathing in Olive Oil 6:18 PM  

Your a good Italian girl, you stay away from those raw food nutjobs. Have a friend that went raw, she had pellagra(B Vits defiency) and anemia in 2 months. January in New York you'll appreciate cooked food. Maka nice sauce Bella!

Ecumenical Pilgrim 7:42 PM  

Whoever told you such blasphemy has had no nutritional science experience. It is chemically impossible for the polyunsaturated fats in ev olive oil to become saturated or hydrogenated from heat. I know there are weirdos in NY, but hearing about this person makes me sad :(

just a country boy 8:09 PM  

My dear friends,

I am from a small town in central california. I dont know much about your "big cities" and "raw foods", but i do know that whoever told you olive oil is bad is a filthy liar and that you should not talk to strangers. come back home. please.

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