Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Nice Sunday

Today is our 3 month anniversary! To celebrate we invited our squirrel friend for breakfast on the window sill. After breakfast we went to church and on our way out of the door, we noticed our neighbor leaving too. Here she is walking down 30th as she spots an unsuspecting smoker. Sometimes she doesn't have to walk far for her cigarette and light. After snapping a few pictures we headed for Glad Tidings. In this picture I am in front of Glad Tidings and I am wearing my work clothes because I had to go staight to work after church. I had a nice day at work today. I just love the "Fairytale Eggplants." I brought some of them home to cook. Once I discovered that I liked eggplant, I can't stay away. For
some reason I would never touch it growing up, but I was missing out! It is my Papa Tom's favorite and our favorite thing to do is make eggplant parmesan together. So, when I get back to California I will be over at your house Papa so get ready!


ASDude 12:51 AM  

Happy 3 month anniversary!!!

Anonymous 10:40 AM  

Eggplant is one of the seven deadly sins....stay away from it.

I'm still looking for one of those little car seats for the lil' fella.

Be on the look out for a package this week some time. Also an envelope.


Mistaken in Marin 1:45 PM  

I thought "fairytale eggplant" was the pet name you gave Cory's manhood.

Anonymous 3:21 PM  

Hi CoryandAnnie,
I'm in St. Louis visiting Jill, Andreas and Adler--it's fun to be here because of Adler and all the activities (not as many as in New York, but way more than in Lemoore.) Boy, was THAT a dumb comment..any place has more activities than Lemoore. We've been to the Zoo, the Science Museum, and some good restaurants. We would have done more, but Adler had croup and so had to spend some time in the hospital and Jill got really sick after Adler. Anyway, your blogging is wonderful reading, and your originality, sucesseses, and sense of adventure continue to astound and impress. Love,
The Gram

Anonymous 10:46 AM  

Enough already with the squirrel, we want some new pictures. The eggplant got to you didn't it!?

mom 10:53 PM  

Hey Annie and Cory,
Your neighbor has the same clothes, but the stockings look new and improved!

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