Thursday, September 28, 2006

A New York Night

Today, Cory got paid to be in the audience of "Judge Maria Lopez." He got a lot of reading done and was entertained by the court room antics. While he was listening to the dramatic court cases, I was running errands and taking a nap (I had some catching up to do). Then, I had my two Wednesday evening tutoring sessions. When I got home from tutoring we ate dinner, watched an episode of the Sopranos and then headed out onto the town. We stopped for a cup of tea at the Chocolate Bar. Can you believe I went to a chocolate bar and ordered a tea? Their tea is unlike other teas I have ever seen. I ordered the "coconut black tea". Walking along Spring Street in SOHO we passed Alan Talyor who was walking his dog. He is a director for the Sopranos. We recognized him from the two day shoot we worked on the set of the Sopranos. I asked him if we could take a picture with him and he said that it " would make his night." I stepped back to take the picture and I stepped right into his dog's fresh doodoo. I was too excited to care! He said that there might be some "extra" work coming up and he gave us his email so we can contact him. We continued on our walk after that but we weren't quite the same as when we started the walk. We saw this sign in a store window and we wanted to show it to you. Oh, by the way,Cory saw Ludacris in Virgin Records yesterday.


amophous nate 2:46 PM  

you do all that in one night, and you still won't get as many comments as you did over an amy sedaris cupcake. what a world. you must now find other celebrity pastries in order to keep up your ratings.

amorphous nate 2:55 PM  

that cupcake got as many comments as your wedding pictures. (and is tied for most comments ever) we really are a celebrity obsessed society, aren't we.

Brady Nathan 6:34 PM  

You guys are cool now that you met 2 famous people in one day. I hope you can get a personal invitation to be an extra on the Sopranos. That would be exciting! You guys sure know how to pack a lot into an evening. I guess you don't have time to spare so you might as well see as much as possible. I miss you Annie!

Anonymous 6:40 AM  

thats AWESOME that you saw the director of the sopranos walking down the street. it doesnt get any better than that i bet.

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