Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Pictures for our Viewers

Here are four pictures that Cory took Monday night. The first picture is a picture that Cory says "Sums up New York." Next is a picture of Pancake's lady friend. She was in New York for a few days before she heads off to Russia (her home). Cory met with her to give her a friendly interview session to see if Pancake should have a long distance relationship. If you want to know the results you can ask Cory yourself. For the past three mornings I had to get up at 5am for work and that is quite early for me. Monday night I had a couple of "New York" moments. The first was taking my first taxi ride since I moved here. The girl I tutor forgot all of her math stuff at her dad's apartment across town, so we had to take a taxi ride. Tutoring is fun, I get to see alot of great New York apartments. After the session I ran out of the building to the corner because I had to hurry back to 34th and this feeling of..."This is New York" came over me. I can't really explain it, but it was pretty cool. This city is great!


Mom 10:50 PM  

Hi guys!
I am so glad you are loving New York! This is such a great opportunity for many memory making moments. I am a little unsure how the picture sums up NYC, but it was an interesting picture.

ross 5:08 AM  

Hi Annie and Cory, it's Ross. I don't know if you know but I made the basketball team. Also, Sarah broke up with me. My math teacher is Chris Brownell and he asked for your email address. I don't even know your email address so could you email it to me at
Hope you guys are doing well.

Anonymous 10:35 AM  

So now Annie is having Mary Tyler Moore moments in the big city. Or it could be the eggplant. Hope you have a nice rest of the week.

Once found $ a Cab 2:54 PM  

When I come out there we are going to have cocktails, cab rides, shopping at Bloomies, flirtatious banter with construction workers. You do New York girl!

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