Monday, September 25, 2006

Cousin David Has Arrived

Cousin David arrived today. He will be staying with us until Saturday. Don't worry, there is plenty of space on our floor. We have a fancy air mattress that even David can fit on. As you might imagine, when someone is sleeping on the mattress it is hard to walk around the apartment but we make do. I arrived home from work at the same time Cory and David did. We went out to eat and then we took a walk around the city. It was David's first look at Manhattan. Cory say's that I "sleep funny." He is right. I am trying to train myself to sleep on my back but it is not working out so well.


Anonymous 10:45 AM  

Hey David....don't worry, be happy. If I was C & A I'd make you sleep standing up you take up less space that way.

Anonymous 11:27 AM  

Hello, David-Bless you all today-A hearty thank you to you Cory and Annie for your hospitality-few there are who who would give up what little floor they have to accomodate a large cousin-all is well here-have a great day-Leonard

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