Sunday, August 20, 2006

Usher and some other things

Nothing to exciting to report. Unless you are a big Usher fan! For details click on this text to take you to our updated celebrity sightings.

In other news...Cory's friends left for Washington D.C., I did laundry today, I learned how to make thai peanut sauce (Cory's favorite and he actually told me he loves me 12% more now since I can make it for him!), so I made my version of pad thai tonight and lastly, I finished another book this weekend! Everything is Illuminated is the title. Cory will read it next and then we are going to watch the movie. I was so happy to discover it was made into a movie in 2005 because it is a great book.


Mini Matriarch in Marin 11:11 PM  

I'll trade you sightings. Yours is alot hotta than mine. I had a coversation with George Lucas at United Market today. He seemed to be talking to my breasts the entire time. I'd rather have Usher staring at the melons than Mr. Lucas.

Brady Nathan 11:36 PM  

Aunt Shelly do you have a blog or what? You keep commenting with different names and it keeps me guessing. Anyway- hope you are doing well.

Sorry for the side-bar there. I miss you and I wish you were here to make me Pad Thai. I love it!

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