Sunday, August 06, 2006

My new do

Today I had my hair cut and colored by Fabio (guest stylist from Toronto who I believe to be straight). It was a hair seminar to teach other stylists about the trends of 2006. I was a model for the TechnoNature trend. Can you see how my hair blends technology and nature? My hair cut feels great and the color looks best when I have it up (Cory's opinion). Not only do I have a trend hair do but I ate great food all day and I got paid $200 bucks for being a presentation model. Some of the other girls did not get paid but I had to do a special walk in front of the guests. Cory did PA work all day for the same guy he worked for a few weeks ago. I was Cory's substitute for the "Onion" tonight! I have a busy day tomorrow. I have 3 interviews and a party to go to.


laurzeilei 11:04 PM  
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laurzeilei 11:09 PM  

Hey there. No, you don't know me. Just found your blog by clicking on 'next blog' on my blog! Noticed your hair right away and just wanted to say fabulous job. Bravo Fabio! (I tried to post a second ago and accidentally deleted it. oops.) Well, off I go to 'next blog.' Read your blog about "crazy lady" too. Very interesting. Well, happy blogging!

Marlene 11:20 PM  

You look fabulous! With those great eyes and smile, You would look good in any hair!
You two have been busy! All sound fun!

Anonymous 3:17 PM  

Fabulous Dahling! I like it. When it's a stark look it takes a little getting used to. The dark will fade so wear it proudly while it's still fresh. Don't be afraid to mousse it and blow more volume into it for that fierce model look. Have Fun!

Brady Nathan 6:57 PM  

I like it. It fits you in New York. It sounds like so much fun to just go exploring when you have nothing else to do. Whenever I do make it to New York, I know you will be able to tell me all the hot spots:)

Anonymous 1:56 AM  

Wow, Your Hair looks AMAZING!! I love it. Remember that one time we spent forever trying to find you a new hip haircut? When u felt like you NEEEEDED something new? Seriously I love it. You look Gorgeous.
<3 Breezy

dp 9:37 PM  

Sexy hair Mrs. Bruce.

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