Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fountain of Youth

These pictures are just what it looks like...Annie in a huge fountain pool. You can't tell but it was made for people to be in, but no one else seems to be enjoying it with me. It is a great place to cool off your feet. As of today, I am working for Gold's Gym. In exchange for me handing out 500 free passes a week, I get free gym membership and unlimited tanning. We will see how it goes. It is for their new gym down in the financial district. Which means I have to go down there to hand out flyers. They have another gym on 54th that I can go to also. Today, Cory has been hard at work on "Wraith".


ASDude 12:46 AM  

I remember that place, isn't it Washington Square?
Good Times

Brady Nathan 6:59 PM  

That is cool you are getting a free gym membership. Does it only last while you are handing out flyers?

coryandannie 11:10 PM  

Alex, it is Washington Square Park!
Andrea, I do have to keep handing out about 500 flyers a week to keep the free membership. I handed them all out today and it didn't take much more than an hour.

dp 2:05 AM  

These pics are nice, but if you want to see a beautiful GERMAN woman prancing around (30% more prance per minute [ppm]), check out 'asdude' blog page.


Aunt with Large Breasts 2:44 AM  

Forget the tanning salon, plop a lounger in that there pond and get yerself some natural color. Looking sexy in them there GIANTS pants. Miss you!

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