Friday, August 11, 2006

Night Two of the Sopranos

Day two of the taping of the Sopranos started at 2:30pm at the holding area in Noterdame High School on 13th Avenue. We checked in and got into wardrobe. Today they gave Cory a hat to wear. Then we were called to the set which was on top of the Gansevoort hotel.
This hotel is awesome! Rooms start at $435 and we will probably never go up to the top again. It has 360 degree views of the city. Not a bad place to be getting paid to hang out. Cory and I were seperated for part of the day because when they tell you to move you have to do it. I spent an extremely long time holding a martini glass filled with water and a slice of lemon peel. It was so cool being on set because it was like we were really at the club having a good time. Except no one was getting drunk because all of the drinks were fake. Cory got to spend the whole time on set but I got moved to downstairs to wait to be called. So, I made friends with some of the other extras. The funnest people to
hang out with were the "Wise Guys." Papa Frank would have liked to hang out with all of the Italian men. I was one of the few extras that got to go into the craft servies trailer. It has so many different kinds of snacks. They even had a tray of cupcakes. I went for the apricots, pears, and Bear Naked Granola. Cory has the best chance of getting face time from the party scene! We will see next March! It is episode #2. Cameras and camera phone were prohibited from the set but cory snuck a couple pictures in. Who is that in the door way? Can you see my fake cocktail. In that scene I was just to the left of the door. We had the greatest time! I didn't even mind that we worked all night long. No joke! We got to go home at 5am in the morning and we were in bed at 6am. I woke up at 12pm to get ready for work. I worked from 2:30 to 6:30 as a demo girl for V&V premium energy drink. "Hi, would you like to try V&V? It is a new energy drink. Okay,berry or citrus. It has vitamin C, B vitamins, ginseng and ginko..." You get the idea. Then from 7 to 10 I was at the yoga place! After that Cory, Joel and I went to get a falafel at Mamouns and went to Magnolias for a cupcake. It was the best cupcake I have had in New York. I will tell you what exciting things Cory did today at a later time. For now I am off to bed.


Child of the '80's 12:18 PM  

The cast looks just like the Secondo clan in Conn. You guys might want to make your way up there to see the real dysfunction! (They'll feed you like crazy) They say you can mix with the V&V. In my day we drank our vodka straight and prefered our cocaine in powder form, no mixing it into the booze. Go Get em!

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