Sunday, August 06, 2006


On Saturday Cory was working for the "Onion" newspaper. They are making videos for the internet site. The "Onion" for those of you who do not know, is a weekly newspaper

made in Manhattan. All of the news articles are made up and really funny. We also love the Onion because it keeps us up-to-date with all of the activities (actual) of the week. I spent the whole day exploring Manhattan. I started of at Ground Zero then I went to Battery Park. The first picture you see is of New Jersey. Then I went and watched all of the crazy tourists standing in a mile long line to go see the Statue of Liberty. I think I had a pretty good view. Don't you. I love the
addition of the sunglasses to the Statue. I ran into the Hoop it Up, 3 on 3 games going on. I took the picture for Ross because he would have loved it. Then I made my way up Manhattan stopping at a million places until I go home! It is Sunday afternoon and all morning I was at the hair studio. I will probably post the "Annie's new hair" blog tonight after Cory has seen me.


ross 3:09 AM  

Hey cory and annie. I just found out about your blogger site today. You are right, I would have liked to be at the hoop it up. Just yesterday I played with Fresno City's basketball coach. He and 2 other guys won the whole Hoop It Up in Seattle. Anyways, hope you are having fun in New York!

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