Wednesday, August 02, 2006

¿La Chica Loca?

I would like you to meet..."The Lady Upstairs". Or, I sometimes like to refer to her as "The Crazy Lady." The deal with her is that whenever we see her she is always wearing the same thing. Is it her costume? Does she have a whole closet full of the same outfit like a superhero would? If she only has the one outfit then how can she wash it?
The other thing about her is whenever she goes outside she heads down 30th to find the first person she can that will give her a cigarrete (she also has a strange voice). She finally stopped asking us. When she finds a cigarrete she literally runs home. I know it sounds weird, but I have seen her do it many, many times. I have tried to follow her a few times to see if she goes to a weird cult or has a job but I loose her in the crowd if she doesn't find someone by our house but she usually finds one pretty quick. We also think she is on meth. I will be trying to get more pictures on different days just in case you don't believe me. All I have to do is when I see her leave I wait on the porch for a minute until she comes back then I snap away (trying to pretend like I am not just taking pictures of her). What do you think? How does she make money? We don't dare go upstairs to her room. I just have so many questions I want to ask her but I can't do it. Here is a picture of our stoop!


Marlene 9:43 PM  

Nice stoop! I like the railings. No comment on your neighbor!

The Aunt 8:41 PM  

Yes, la chica loca. She is probably a rich heiress, no? My guess is crazy crackers is on SSI and has been in the building for years, paying rent control rent. The look isn't so bad just a little drab. Who knows maybe she's Russian they are partial to black and gray. Stick something colorful at her door to see if she'll wear it. She's probably got a great story and Cory could get a nice short out of it. Miss you guys.

Brady Nathan 11:21 PM  

Definitely on meth. Actually, are you sure that is a cigarette? It looks like a j. Just kidding. If she isn't dangerous, she might just need someone to talk to. Maybe she is writing about you on her blog. Some crazy girl taking pictures of her. You guys sure to have cool people to observe:)

hillary griffin 5:39 PM  

life's too short to not strike up conversation with random people that trip us out. i bet shes got quite a story-i say go for it.

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