Saturday, August 12, 2006

Kangol, Lime Leaf, Travelers

On Friday Cory found some good finds at some thrift shops around town. He found a Mathnet book. I didn't even know they made books. Even if no one else remember Mathnet I know my Uncle Keith will! Cory also found two old Star Wars glasses. We have a pretty good collection of cool glasses which are mainly deco ones from the 50s but we have the Star Wars and a Muppet Babies one. Also, he found a mint condition Big E Levis jacket. We will certainly be putting it on Ebay. Cory, Joel and I walked to the UWS. We
ate dinner at Lime Leaf, a Thai restaurant. We loved it! On the way back home we discovered a multitude of restaurants we would like to try. So, we will be back to the UWS. We had a cupcake at Buttercup Bakeshop to compare their cupcakes to Billy's and Magnolias. Boy, was it delicious. We stopped in Columbus circle to take a picture and to show you are new hats. It is hard to see mine but it is an authentic, old Kangol. Today I slept alot to try and make up for the crazy week. Standing next to the giant chic is Michael Lovans (Cory's friend from high school) and his girl friend Meredith Hines who are just arrived in the city. They are staying the night before they go off to the Hamptons to shoot a movie for three weeks.


Mom 2:27 AM  

Mathnet....I loved Mathnet! The old Square One shows still come back to haunt you sometimes!
Oh ya, you look cool in your hats!

keithandtammy 12:17 AM  

Mathnet is the only math that I can do Annie. Love and miss you guys! School starts in two days-arrghh. -Uncle Keith

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