Thursday, August 24, 2006

I am the Rookie!

Here is Cory as he stepped in door getting back from the MTV shoot on Tuesday. He heard it will be airing on MTV 3 during an awards show next year.

I love my new job at Integral Yoga Natural Foods! If you get a chance you should check out the website and click on "about us" to learn about the store and its history. It is very unique. Today was my second day work learing the ropes in the store. It is a lot of fun being around cool people and all the good food. Everyone is very nice. I am still a rookie so I don't feel comfortable bringing my camera to work, but when I do I will take pictures so you can have a visual of my work. I will be working four days a week. Another nice thing about work is everyday the yoga institute makes lunch for the workers and it is awesome food.


ASDude 3:15 AM  

Hey Annie, they make lunch for you? That's a good deal.
You will not be a rookie for a long time.
Cory, how was the day dancing? Too bad I don't have MTV.

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