Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Sopranos

We are extras on the Sopranos! We heard about the gig from Craigslist about how they needed background work for two scenes. The first is a movie premier and the second is the after party. So, casting call was at 9:30am. We checked in, filled out paper work, got approved my hair and wardobe (The shirt I am wearing was supplied by the wardrobe as they thought my shirt was too conservative). We are playing the young, hip, New York types in the audience. Then we spent the day in a movie theatre. We were either in the theatre where the scene was or in the holing theatre waiting for the whole day. I got really lucky and my seat in the theatre was switched from way in the back to right behind the Tony Soprano and Carmela. So, I spent the day listening to the Soprano cast talking to eachother. Cory kept switching seats and ended up near the front in the end. The day was almost 14 hours long! A lot of waiting and staring at the blank movie screen. We got called to come back for the Wednesday shoot and agreed. Ten minutes later Cory got a call to be on "Law and Order" but declined because he had already committed to the Sopranos. Call time for the Wednesday shoot is at 2:30pm and probably will last all night long. But, the shoot is on roof of the Gansevoort Hotel. Which is a place Cory and I have wanted to go for some time. I hope we can stay awake!


amorphous nate 9:56 PM  

you crazy, young, hip, new york-types; what will you do next? annie too conservative? bot possible, cory maybe, but surely not annie. say it ain't so.

Lindsey 11:54 PM  

The Sopranos...What next? You're both so non-boring and lucky. Think of all the people that forever try for in-front-of-the-camera time, and you have to worry about double-booking. Your hair looks really cute, Annie.

Aunty Shelley 12:44 PM  

How exciting, Annie you'll have to give me the dish on what the cast was talking about. Maybe Cory will get the acting bug or just network into one of these production co's. I think the Gansevoort had a S&TCity episode filmed there. What a blast, go get em.

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