Sunday, November 30, 2008

Time For Church

"It's Fun to go to church, It's fun to go to church,
With all the other boys and girls, it's fun to go to church!"

Bee went to church outside of the womb for the first time! She had a good time but I didn't really get to attend church. We got to church early and chatted with some people while Bee was sleeping. When church started I sang two songs before she started to sing the "I am hungry song." Now I do attend "Park Slope Church" where the kids run the show, but I went and fed her in private because she can be a loud eater! After we ate we tried to listen to the sermon but she wanted to play! We went to the nursery and Bee had a great time staring at new things . I was glad to get to church, but I hope it gets easier so I can actually listen to the pastor! Maybe next time she will happen to be sleeping! It is hard to get a baby to change her schedule to suit her mommy's needs.This weekend has been very chilly! The boiler broken yesterday but it should be fixed late tonight or tomorrow at the latest!
Bee got to wear her warm outfits inside for the first time!

This video is of Bee in the nursery having a great time. The kids in the background were crying because it was their first time being left. I hope Bee won't act like that when she is older! I could have left happy Bee and gone back to church but I just couldn't leave my baby yet! When we got home from church Bee drank my expressed breast milk from a bottle successfully for the first time!


Anonymous 11:43 PM  

Oh that Bee is sooooo good! She is so well behaved and content when all those other guys are crying! She looks so happy!
I hope your heat gets taken care of soon! I know it was cold there today.
Love and hugs,
Mimi Marlene

Fancy Pants 9:38 AM  

We missed you on Thanksgiving. Warm and toasty at the new abode in Cambria. We watched the video of you picking up crying Bee several times. You look just like your mama and Bee like you. Love U

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