Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dad and Jill went up the hill... go to the airport to visit their grandchild!

Papa Robert holding Bee for the first time!

B-day Presents from Dad and Jill!
Dad, Jill and Cory went to church (Brooklyn Tabernacle). Bee has yet to make it too church. Maybe next Sunday!
After church Bee and I were able to take a break from feeding to meet the gang for lunch! We went to an Organic Restaurant called Siggy's and it was wonderful, however whatever I ate seemed to give Bee more gas than usual. Bee seems to want me to keep my diet nice and simple. No fancy spices and definitely no dairy. The other night I had a half of a Magnolia cupcake and the next day Bee was back to spitting up. No more dairy for me!
It was very, very windy on the Brooklyn Promenade, but we all enjoyed the Manhattan views.

I love my Dad!

This was Jill's first NYC visit! My dad hasn't been here since we went on a family vaction to the East Coast when I was 12 years old! One place my dad I remember from the trip was F.A.O. Schwartz. So, dad had to go back!
Jill practicing her skills!
Where did all of the Cherry Blossoms go?
Big Fish!
It's almost that Holly Jolly time of year!
Brooklyn Botanical Garden! (Photos courtesy of Jill!).
Prospect Park
I like this picture that Cory took.
3rd Street in Park Slope
Our Stoop???
Bee wanted to eat before she took the picture!
Bee will miss her Papa.
Thanks Dad and Jill for coming to visit! We all had a great time!
Bee relaxing on her handmade blanket by Joan and Cindy.


Anonymous 12:49 AM  

Wow, beautiful pictures. I am glad you had a great time with your Dad and Jill. I wish I could hold that baby right now. Glad your dad got to enjoy your little treasure.
Keep those pictures coming...I need my fixes often!
Love to all!
Mimi Marlene (still just trying it out)

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