Sunday, November 09, 2008

Honey Bee

Bee is growing bigger and bigger each day! She is so much fun! I have been getting a little more sleep at night too! I am still very tired but we are all doing good. After a few baby trips out to Manhattan I realized that we are not ready for big trips, so we have been staying at home more. We have had 2 1/2 days of no throw ups!!! I know that all babies spit up and throw up but I don't like when she loses her whole meal. To help we try and keep her upright after meals and I also eliminated possible trigger foods out of my diet. I think it is really helping .

4 happy places for Bee.
1. Mommies shoulder

2. Mommies Milk
3. Her changing table
I can't believe how long she is getting!
4. Daddy's Arms
Bee's Photo Shoot
Her onesie is an original design by Uncle Nathan.

When Bee is old enough we are going to try to teach her baby sign language. But it looks like she is already practicing. Peace she counting already?

Bee can't wait to meet more of her family but frequently chats with them on the internet. Her she is talking with Grandma Marlene and Grandpa Lyle!

I went on my first solo walk today! It was weird. I felt so alone!

I love the trees this time of year. I can't wait to walk to the park!


Happynhanford 9:36 PM  

Another great blog. Love the pictures! The Bee on the BEE is fabulous with all the cute expressions...terrific! She is really growing fast! Can hardly wait to her how much she weighs and how tall she is! Chatting with Bee is the highlight of our week! It is nice you got a little alone time!
Love you all,

nate-in-the-box 11:41 PM  

that last picture in the onesy is the greatest picture ever taken. bee is now the official face of n8designs children's line.

i like your hat annie.

Brady and Jarin 11:13 PM  

Bee is so cute! I wish I could hold her and kiss her little cheeks. She looks so much like both of you. Isn't it a miracle? Love you guys.


Aunt Bee 1:20 PM  

Bee is growing so fast. What's in those mammaries? Super Juice! Wrap Bee up and take her out around the neighborhood with you. Out and about is good for her. Can't wait to meet her...Aunty.

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