Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Kodak Moment

This Kodak (Canon-digital camera) Moment was taken just moments ago!
We are not co-sleeping with Bee, but we do the some relaxing bonding time with her!
As you can see Cory and Bee are quite happy and relaxed!
Bee turned 3 weeks old on Monday! We had a Tigger party for her!
She is a baby and a kitty cat in one!
Jenn got to meet Bee for the first time!
Thank you Jessica for bring over the wonderful homemade food and snacks!
I love this baby!


Happynhanford 7:43 PM  

Bee looks great in all outfits. This tiger cub is darling! Looking forward to seeing Annie's new do!

and tigger too 5:00 PM  

Bee is getting big! Thise mammaries are doing their job. Love you!

Anonymous 3:37 AM  

That picture of Cory holding baby Bee in a Tigger outfit is wonderful. You should seriously frame it. She's cute! Congrats again.


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