Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bee, Cory, Felix, and Clem

Bee has been smiling and I have been trying to capture it for you all. Here is one (a little blury).

Bee 6 weeks and 2 days smiling for the camera

Bee says "Look into my eyes!"
Bee says "I love you!"
Yesterday we went to my friend Bryna and Olgierd's Bris for their new son Felix.

Two video clips of Felix's Bris.

3 ladies and their babies. Spaced apart almost evenly.
Michelle and ? (Jan), Bryna and Felix (Nov), Annie and Bee (Oct)A conversion between a father and his daughter...

Nathan, how did I do? I got my feet wet in the embroidery world (with felt also)! I made Felix this outfit which is supposed to look like his Brooklyn Brownstone!

Tata Clem came over to visit and give Bee a ballernia bee outift!
Clem talking to Bee in French.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! WE are thankful for BEEEEEEEE


Anonymous 12:30 PM  

I love those smiles! The videos are outstanding. I hear her responding to Clem's French. She is a doll!
I am very thankful for baby bee and you guys!
Call us and tell us what you are doing today.
We love you!
(It's official...Mimi & Papa!)

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