Wednesday, November 12, 2008

10 Pounds? We won't throw this fish back!

Yea for Bee! She went for her 1 month check-up on Monday and the doctor said she is doing great! She weighed 9 1lb 15 3/4 oz and was 22 in long!
The doctor confirmed that her left eye has a clogged tear duct. This just means that her eyes don't drain properly and will get eye boogers easily. Fortunately it will fix itself in time! Until then mommy gets to wipe boogies away!
Joe "The Godfather" got back from his stay in Portland (where he was acting in a play) and met Bee for the first time!
Jessica and Joe brought us dinner!
I took this picture of Bee this morning. She looks so concerned! Cory and I have noticed that she is looking at us a lot more! It is so exciting for us to watch her grow and change everyday!

Yesterday we went to my mom's group meeting and then to a breastfeeding class. It was the smoothest outing we have had! I enjoyed getting to talk to the other moms. Good job Bee! However, yesterday evening she was quite fussy. Maybe she had to much fun during the day!


Lonely middle aged aunt with a fat ass 7:14 PM  

10 pounds. What are you feeding that kid. When you were a baby you would get the concerned look when you had gas. I think you do it as a adult also. Just kidding! I MISS YOU my little Annie with baby.

Happynhanford 9:50 PM  

Little Bee is growing fast! Her face is maturing every time I see a new picture. She looks so happy and healthy! Way to go you guys! I know Godfather Joe was happy to get his hands on that sweet baby! Bee is so fun to hold!
I am glad that you are getting around more and getting to be with other mommies.
Enjoy the time with your Dad and Jill. I know they will love holding that bundly of joy!

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