Friday, November 28, 2008

The Pilgrims and the Indians

We would like to thank all of our wonderful family and friends for viewing our blog. We love you all and look forward to our upcoming trip (Jan 13) to California to see all of you!

On this wonderful day the pilgrims and the indian had a feast! The little indian "Poops in Pants" was unhappy at the moment this photo was taken. Do not worry for she stopped crying as soon as she started to feast on the food that "Momma" pilgrim brought.

Pilgrim "baby Felix" and "Poops in Pants" converse before the big meal

Nap time after the feast in the baby hammock.

Felix's Grandmama prepared our wonderful meal.

This pictures and videos are dedicated to Mimi Marlene!!! They are titled "Bee in Color Town."


Anonymous 2:54 PM  

Mimi Marlene is smiling from ear to ear! You guys make me laugh! This is such a fun blog! The "Poops in Pants" and "Pilgrim Felix" is darling! Now this is the stuff memories are made of! I am so glad that Bee is starting off with being thankful! Keep those smiles coming! Love 'em, Love 'em, Love 'em!
Thanks for the good time!

Anonymous 4:44 PM  

I think you should go dressed like that, with $16 worth of beads and shiney things and buy the Park Slope apt of your dreams. Midget

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