Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Theatre

For dinner we went to F&B (European Street Food). We have coupons for "buy one meal get the other one free". That means for $8 we got one vegi-healthy dog (hummus, carrots, olives), one vegi-prairie (guacamole, cheese, olives), green bean fries, sweet potato fries and two freshly squeezed lemonades. Can you say delicious? We can!

Joe works at a theatre and he got tickets for us to see a show. It was called "Mickey Mouse is Dead." We were about a foot away from the actors and it was a good show even though I kept
nodding off. Cory's elbows helped!
We walked down Madison Avenue to get home. I love looking at all of the expensive shops.


dp 1:53 AM  

hey, im diggin those nyc style t-shirts. apparently in ny, your clothes must be written on and your hair must be curly

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