Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cory and Annie's wedding pictures

Andrew Stiff our photographer has put our wedding pictures online. There are about 400 different pictures in different sizes and some our black and white so there are over 1000 pictures. The pictures are web compressed so they are not great for printing. He will be sending me a full size dvd copy of the prints which are good for printing or we can contact him and he can order prints online. Have fun looking at them.


amorphous nate 5:57 PM  

saw the pictures, they look great. WOW, a whole month, since then, time flies. Andrew did a great job, and you can harldly notice the ream of paper in the family photo.(look underneath the groomsman)

Mouretta Pettigrew 6:10 PM  

Hey Cory,
You and Annie look GREAT and looks like your having a GREAT time.....Do they have Boston Beans there, I know they are your favorite...We all miss you at Bentley Design....Your wedding pictures are fabulous...:-)

Anonymous 6:11 PM  

I forgot to say, Good Luck and Take Care of Yourselves....

Jordan 11:19 PM  

hey dudes
i said aww aloud a few times- that's how freakin cute you two are. the pictures are fabulous. that's what Manhatten (sp?) people say. keep having fun and i miss ya! love aimee

Grand Epic 1:52 AM  

Hey congratulations, guys. Those are great pictures.

Annie looks really familiar. Did she go to First Baptist?

Also, isn't it Boston BAKED Beans?

Aunty Shelley 9:19 AM  

Pictures are great. I need to take a few hours to view them all. Gramma fot all teared up. Love You!

Mom 12:16 PM  

These are great pics! You look great together! Have fun!

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