Monday, July 17, 2006

Slick Rick

Slick Rick is back!

We attended a Slick Rick concert near Times Square. It was great.

Slick Rick is Cory's favorite rapper of all-time. Slick Rick came on stage in his usual get up: an eye patch and plenty of jewelry. He put on a great performance.

He was nice enough to sign Cory's record sleeve and give him an autographed eye patch. Afterwards we were walking home and decided to stop in at
Gray's Papaya. They have the best hotdogs and papaya juice. You get two hotdogs with all of the fixings and a papaya juice for $2.75.


amorphous nate 2:25 PM  

glad to see that cory's dreams are coming true, one of my dreams involved cory with an eye patch too, strange.

Grand Epic 6:13 PM  
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Grand Epic 6:14 PM  

Ironic T-shirt alert!

Aunty Shelley 9:13 AM  

I think I used to get my blow from him in Oakland...these pappers sure get around!

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