Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Am I Crazy?

Yesterday (Monday, July 24th) I decided to run up to Fairway Market (a grocery store that is supposed to be unlike anyother) on 74th and Broadway. When I got there I looked around and while it was different, it wasn't so different I was amazed. I decided to buy a watermelon. What you should know is that I have been craving watermelon ever since we arrived in the city. I bought a cup of cut up watermelon for $2 on the street, and I have bought 1/4 of a melon for $.69/lb at the store a few blocks away. But at Fairway market they had it for $.45 and seedless for $.49/lb. I couldn't resist this deal so I picked out a whole watermelon to buy. I thought that it would be a good workout for me to carry home. It ended up being 24.7 pounds which cost me $11.12. An eleven dollar watermelon. Am I crazy? How much do they cost in Hanford? Lemoore? Well, the walk home wasn't fun. Then it took me a long time to cut it up and pick out all of the seeds. The good things is now we have a refrigerator full of juicy watermelon. Was it worth it? Yes! Will I do it again...No. Next time I will not buy so much.


Brady Nathan 4:58 PM  

That was an expensive watermelon!

amorphous nate 11:18 PM  

expensive, yes, but was it delicious?

Aunty Shelley 9:10 AM  

"PROPS 101"
When purchasing large pieces of fruit weighing 10 pds or more there is "city" protocol. 1. The said fruit must have a face drawn on it. 2. Diaper that puppy. 3. Wrap it in a receiving blanket, (Or a Baby Gap outfit.) 4. Get on the subway. 5. Breast feed the seeded wonder for at least 3 stops. 6. Take pictures of peoples reaction. 7. Post pictures on this site.

Mom 12:18 PM  

You must really love watermelon! Last week, the seedless were up to 25 cents per pound and I would not buy the 12 pounder because it was too expensive....we ended up going back for it because everywhere else was 29 cents a pound.
Loved Shelly's comment!

Coté 11:09 PM  

Demasiado caro!! aqui en Chile , cuando es época de Sandias (watermelon) una d eese tamaño cuesta $1000, alrededor de US 2,00 dollars....
cuando quieras ven acomer acá!!

Coté desde Chile

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