Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday in Manhattan 7/30/06

This is a picture I took down at the Radio City Music Hall. We haven't been inside yet, but I like looking at it! Nothing too exciting around here the past few days. On Friday I signed up to be a volunteer at a yoga studio. This way I will be able to go to yoga classes! Friday night Cory, John Paul (Joe's brother), and I went to Pier 63 on the Hudson. It is a really cool place to hang out. On Saturday we were out and about around the City. For an hour it rained really hard and then it stopped. The weather is sure different over here. Today we went to Glad Tidings Church again. We really like it. Tomorrow we are going to be on the "View." The musical guest is "Outkast." I don't know when it will air on T.V. I thought they aired live but we aren't taping until 2pm.


Mom 6:22 PM  

Yoga Volunteer...add that to your list of adventures! Good idea!
It sounds like you like Glad Tidings. Cool!
Good pic of Radio City Music Hall...hope you get to go sometime.

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