Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pier 63

Tonight we went out for dinner then we went and hung out at Pier 63. It was a beautiful night. The picture just doesn't capture what you see in person. I am excited for the "View" tomorrow. They will not be taping live shows from August 4 to September 4th so I think that the show we will be on will be on TV sometime during that period. September 5th Rosie will be on the show. Next Sunday I am going to be a paid hair model for the Wella Studios. A stylist from Canada is coming to do the hair show. I do not know what I will look like but it will be stylish.


amorphous nate 10:46 AM  

i can't wait to see you guys on tv, and with outkast none the less, really cool. and annie, i hope you like your stylish canadian hair.

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