Thursday, July 13, 2006

A few apartment pictures

Apartment Pictures
Our bed, closet, fridge, stove and our big bird! Notice our 18" carpet squares.

The subway map, fireplace mantle and bookshelf, black table on extra carpet squares, small set of drawers, and night stand.

Fridge, stove, counter and sink, and the cute green bench we found. You can't see it well here but we have the cutest vintage tea cups underneath the shelves.


Brady Nathan 10:54 PM  

The apartment looks cute;)

amorphous nate 2:33 PM  

see, now both of the bruce boys have funny looking birds in their homes.

Mom 5:49 PM  

These are great shots of your new digs. I finally have a perspective on your kitchen! Looks like a fun place! You look very happy in all your pics. Enjoy!

Anonymous 2:05 PM  

Hi Bruces,
Loved your site. I'll keep checking for your new adventures.

P. S. Cory's hair looks good! (You look great, too, Annie.)
Congrats on the gig. Wishing you many more...

Ang 8:30 PM  

Annie~ congrats! I ran across your blog off of Andrea's. Blogging is the thing to do! Wow! NY! You're apartment is so cute and tiny~how's the Big Apple and what brought you guys there?

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