Saturday, July 15, 2006

Curbside Treasures

Here are some of our most recent curbside finds.

New chair found on our block.

$20 found on the ground.

18" virgin carpet square assorted styles and colors found on 5th Avenue.

Brand new humidor complete with 25 cigars.


Yup! 9:20 PM  

Virgn carpet squares? As opposed to slimy crack ho carpet squares?

Yup! 9:21 PM  

Virgin carpet squares as opposed to 5 dolla crack ho carpet squares?

Anonymous 3:56 PM  

Love the chair and the 20 duckets!!!


Luke 5:56 PM  

Thanks Croy, I thought I lost that $20, but apparently I just dropped it and the wind blew it from Monterey to Manhattan. So I guess just send it in the mail, regards, Luke.

Anonymous 1:48 AM  

hey those cigars were bill clinton's, (they are not virgin).

luv- dp

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