Sunday, June 28, 2009

bye bye doggie doggie

Before 9am and after 9pm Prospect Park the dogs at get to be off their leashes! Good time for baby Bee because she loves dogs!
We found a pack of dogs that must have been in some sort of doggie club because they all had matching bandannas around their necks.
Bee in the stroller watching the dog watching the fountain in front of the Brooklyn Musuem!
Bee likes to wake up her daddy!
Bee having fun at the Brooklyn Children's Musuem.
Flap those wings Bee!
Bryna and Me at a sewing class.
Hemming a pair of pants!
Bee thinks she is a big girl now!

Bee watching the dogs. I do believe that her first word besides daddy will be doggie!

Eating dinner one night we discovered that Bee can wave bye bye! We have been teaching her signs (she does milk and light everyday) but we weren't trying to teach her this one!

Bee likes to pull herself up on everything and everyone. She discovered that she can use her crib rail to practice!

Here are two videos of Bee with the dogs at FAO!
Bee and the big dog!

Bee and the fox!

P.S. Bee's two top teething are breaking through her gums right now! Ouch! She is having trouble sleeping but hopefully they will be out soon!


Anonymous 6:03 PM  

Oh soooooo cute! Love those doggie pictures...of course, I love them all!
Hugs and Kisses to all!

Ashley 7:26 PM  

Thanks for the gift.. so thoughtful! They will keep us entertained for awhile. And special thanks to Amiee for being the deliver person!

The dog lady 3:35 PM  

Get that girl a dog! A fluffy one she can sleep with. Dog walkers have to "decorate" their pack so they don't lose any. Those Park Slope ladies get miffed when the hired help loses the family dog.

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