Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Million Stuffed Doggies

Wednesday Aimee, Bee and I went to the BBG for some good smelling roses!Bee likes the fishies!
Aimee and Cory went for a spin around Brooklyn!
It was Cory and my 3rd wedding anniversary. We will be celebrating together sometime next week!
Thank you so much Dad, Jill, Melissa and Jason for the delicious edible bouquet! It was sooo yummy!!!! It arrived at a perfect time! I was hungry!
On Friday, we went to FAO Schwartz.
Bee loves this place!

The biggest doggie we could find!
A wall of doggies! Bee was sooo excited! She was making her excited face! She looks sad but believe me...she was happy!
I think Bee thinks that this was a real doggie!

Notice her hands...this is how she approaches new things.

Mommy I want candy!
Bee and Mama on the big piano!
Bee has to center her weight just right in order to set off the lights!
Bee's new daddy!
Bee thought this was a real baby! Notice that she is holding it's hand!
Aimee and Izzy met up with us!
Izzy and Aimee (Chicken and Spider)
b ee
It is hard to walk around FAO and not want to buy a ton of toys but I couldn't resist this one! It was on sale ofr $5 and it's name is BRUCE (blue print on hat).

I have a few more videos to put up but here are three for you to enjoy!

Bee and the Big piano!

Bee and Barbie

Bee and the Balloon


Anonymous 5:27 PM  

Fun Fun Fun! Aimee, dogs, pianos, and good food! Looks like a great time!
Bee is getting cuter everyday! Love those videos!
Hi to all...hugs and kisses to all too!

Alexander 8:39 PM  

great blog

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