Monday, June 01, 2009

Bees, Boats and Horses

The Polo Match was out on Govennor's Island and you must take the Govenor's Island Ferry to get there! It was Bee's first boat ride! Her classic outfit (Shelley sent it to her) was perfect to wear on a boat and to a Polo match as it is a Ralph Lauren outfit and it looks like a sailor dress!

Bee likes the boat!
Mama and Baby
Dada and Baby
While traveling on the boat you have some great views!
The horses were brought in from farms around NY.
The scoreboard before the start of the game.
Polo is such a pretty sport!
There was a girl on the white team (they won).
Prince Harry! I remember when I found out about his mom. My family and I were at at Visalia Oaks Baseball game and they announced it over the loudspeakers. If we can have friends in you think Princess Diana and my mom our friends? Maby Di is watching my mom compete in a polo match!
It was fun mingling with the wealthy! The tickets on the fancy side of the match cost $500-$50,000!!!
Walking back to the free seats!
Bee loves grass!
I think the game was tied at this point until Prince Harry set up the winning shot (while riding Serena).
Bee petting a horse for the first time! I love horses!!!!!! I wonder if Bee will too?
Serena was a very nice horse!
The players walked through the field to the awards ceremony...
...Except the big stars had to ride in a safe car!
Horse shoe!
Lots of people get distracted by the cute baby Bee!

We sat by a nice family. Bee enjoyed her jewerly alot!
A video of the start of the game. You can tell that I took it and not my film making husband! It's not very good but it will give you an idea of what it was like watching the game.

Bee update: She can crawl. It's the cutest. I will try and take some video!


Anonymous 10:28 PM  

Sailorette Bee looks stunning in her lovely whites. What a fun day for all of you! Bee looks like the hit of the polo match! I guess not a lot of people bring their 7 month olds. You really have a good time giving her multi-sensory experiences!
This was a way cool blog!
Hugs and Kisses to all!

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