Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An 8month old Bee!

Little Bee looks cute in the outfit MaryBeth brought back from Italy!
We asked a friend to come to our house while Bee was sleeping so we could go out for a dinner and...We got the "Baby Sitter's Club!"
It was fun having Jessica back in town for a few days! Chris, Bee and Jessica!
Gaia and Bee hang out while the mommies prepare kale chips for dehydration! Bee and Gaia have fun playing together! They live only a few blocks from each other too!

Amy (Gaia's mom) and I made kale chips at her house. The don't look and sound great but they are amazing!!!! They are dehydrated! The topping is cheeselike too! (red bell peppers, cashews, nutritional yeast, lemon juice or pineapple chunks, salt and cayenne!) You must try some! Amy and her husband Joe own a health food store in the neighborhood (NY Naturals) and I started working there a few hours, two nights a week while Bee is asleep. It's fun working in a juice bar again!
Bee and her favorite page! She can tough the white fur on the kitty!

Bee turned 8months old on the 13th!
Bee and I went for a walk to some stoop sales and we found a fun Bee Hive!!!!

Mommy and an 8month old Bee in her party dress I made!
Me, Bee, Wendy, and Sue Rock! Sue Rock Originals a non-profit textile company is a few blocks away from my house! I am going there tonight for a sewing class! I want to get better at sewing and learn more complicated techniques! I hope to make some clothes for the women that Sue Rock supports.
---Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc is the only textile charity committed to supporting the lives of survivors of domestic violence. With such a small percentage of women leaving domestic violence situations nationwide, we felt it was important to provide direct support to these women who have made the courageous first steps towards change. Each year SROE partners volunteers with the raw materials to create NEW clothing and accessories they will need as they live in transitional housing. Many times women leaving the cycle of violence only have their basics upon entering a residence. Volunteers create handknit and hand crocheted sweaters, shrugs, bags, tops and so much more!

Look what Bee wants for her 8 month Bee-day!!! A Shit-zu!!! So cute! Bee wants to hug and sqeeze the puppy so bad! The 10week old puppy is named Honey!
Honey and Bee! They were meant for each other!
Brunch at Chavella's with Will and Cristina!
Cristina has been in training to be a yoga teacher and she came over yesterday and gave me a private yoga lesson. It was amazing! She is a great teacher!
Today is our actual wedding anniversary but last night I gave Cory his present! I fixed up his un-usable roller blades as a surprise! It is hard to keep a surprise from your husband when you live in a small apartment! But he had no idea! Teddy came over last night while Cory and I went for a "roll."


Anonymous 4:03 PM  

Wow...a lot going on! Love the Bee and the Bees & Hive! The Sue Rock thing is great! I did not know that you were doing the juice bar thing again. I know that you loved it before. Love the Baby Sitter Club... you have great friends! Blades look great! Hope you have a great anniversary day! Love ya kids!

Anonymous 8:10 PM  

I do believe urethane wheels are the offical third anniversary gift. L

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