Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bees Books Bubbles Swings Parks Hotels

Bee has been in the rhythm of taking two naps a day! So, we try to work around her two naps making sure she is at home during those times. She doesn't sleep so well in the stroller anymore! But I am so glad that summer is here and the weather has been great!

Bee enjoyed the swings on Monday!Hi Felix!!!
Bryna, Felix and Bee!
For the afternoon Cory, Bee and I went to Manhattan to check out the recently opened highline. The highline is a park created on old above ground train tracks. Only the first section is complete but when it is all done it will cover over 1 1/2 miles! It is a new fun way to see the city!
You have a view of Jersey and the Hudson River.
Here you have a view of the street!

The new Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District has won a Masterwork Award from the Municipal Art Society for excellence in urban architecture.
Watch out! I see a Bee on the grass!
We took a stroll through Chelsea Market. Bee was captivated by the lights!
Bee cookies!
This bakery is full of edible art!
Fun! This reminded us of brother Tommy! He loves to BBQ and go fishing!
Me want animals!
Tuesday morning we went to the library for the "Babies and Books" class.

Tuesday at the BBG with Bee and Felix and.....Bubbles!!!!
It was pretty windy so the bubbles were hard to catch!
The babies loved trying to grab the bubbles!

It's fun holding 2 squirmy babies! Felix is trying to escape Bee from grasping his hair! I don't blame him!

Last night we had dessert at the Chocolate Room and today Bee must have had chocolate milk!

I had a brownie sundae with chocolate sorbet, chocolate and carmel sauce, fresh whip cream and a cherry! I loved it!!! Cory had chocolate pudding!


Alexander 8:49 PM  

you guys are awesome, just letting you know

Happynhanford 1:03 AM  

Yummy! I want those cookies and desserts! Bee is getting cuter everyday! I love seeing her grow with each blog! You are good parents taking her to all the fun places and stimulating that brain!
Hugs and kisses to all!

yours in cupcakes, h&j 12:33 AM  

you should have called us! we are smitten with the chocolate room :)

Bakka 1:49 PM  

the armani exchange is stimulating the economy and me......

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