Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Da Da Day!

Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!!!
It is a very special day! It's Cory's first father's day (or da da day as Bee would say!).
I am blessed to have a great dad, a great father-in-law and a husband who is the best dad!
Thank you all so much!
Also, Happy Father's Day to my grandpas and other special dad's in my life!
Here are some old photos of our dads!

Bee watching mama this morning while she was eating a peach.
For father's day I made Cory a bouquet of 2 dozen bow ties!
One of the first things Cory showed me when I walked into his room 6 years ago was his collection of vintage bow ties (that belonged to his grandpa). He loves bow ties! I wanted to make him a bow tie in many different types of fabrics and materials. Here is the first 24 I have made!
We went to our first Opera last night! I Tre Compagni (The Three Companions).

We met Aimee at the show! She is on the plane back home! We will miss her!

This picture was taken during the curtain call. The Composer (Louis Gioia) is in front.
On the walk to the subway we went passed the Plaza Hotel. It was a beautiful misty NYC night.


Anonymous 9:54 PM  

Wow...those ties are really cool! That will keep Cory in style for any occasion. Love the pics you chose of the dads in the past. Glad you got to go to the opera and enjoy the night. Nice blog!
Happy 1st Father's Day Cory!

Anonymous 10:50 AM  

Hey...on a close up, is that really a bubble wrap tie? Clever!

coryandannie 12:54 PM  

It sure is!
I also have in the works bow ties made out of duct tape, foil and paper bags. Don't know if they will be worn, but they are fun to make!

Anonymous 2:54 PM  

Is the Plaza all appartments now or what? So how is 3 hours of Italian? D

Aunty S in SF 3:46 PM  

Fancy Schmancy Bow Ties. I'm impressed! I do believe your mama made bow ties for her wacky dressing grandpa at one time. Happy Fathers Day!

Anonymous 5:28 PM  

Fantastico with the bow ties! You are a creative gal! Happy Fathers Day!

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