Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bee is an animal!

I found some old pictures of Bee that I was going to blog about in a folder on the desktop! Mimi gave Bee this cool animal book! Bee is a week shy of 3 months old in these photos! Bee really does love animals!!! In person is the best for her but she also likes to look at them in books or on the internet! She loved watching Kristian and Taylor's dogs go for a run! I had intended on photoshopping all of the images but I didn't have time then and I don't have time now! So, enjoy!

It's amazing how much Bee has changed!


Anonymous 1:44 PM  

My favorite is "Which animal am I? I am a silly pig!" Show this to Bee when she can appreciate that facial expression.

Lots of love from SF and hope all's wonderful. It looks so.

David B

Anonymous 11:05 PM  

Love the pics! Thanks for putting them up!

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