Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses

Come here and read my mommy's blog about me!I mean it, you must read this blog or I will give you the Baby Bee Stare!

Bee looks really cute in the handmade sweater by Joe's mom!
Wednesday is Children's Museum Day! Joe and Cristina came too!
This is one of Bee's favorite rooms. It has a huge screen that plays different dances.

World Brooklyn with Cory, Joe, Cristina and Bee!
Bee having fun in the mirror with Cristina!
They are cute!
The biggest snake ever!
Bee on the scooter! She is clapping with happiness!
Tuesday at the BBG! The roses are in bloom! It was amazing to see how much the garden can change in one week. Last Tuesday there were no roses in bloom at all! Bee was sleeping in her stroller.

I was on the hunt for the best smelling rose!
Would you believe this one smelt exactly like my Grandma Asta's perfume!!!
Bryna and Felix stopping to smell the roses!

This was Bryna's favorite!I liked how the rose was growing on the pathway!
Pretty in Pink
Cory liked the big purple Clematis flowers!
Do you see what I see?
Two Bees!!!
This rose had the most amazing smell! Unlike any rose I had ever smelled before!
You can barely see Cory pushing Bee! Next week I am going to take the same picture to see how much the garden has changed!
Like Fire!
Is this real?
Yellow roses are my favorite!
I wanted to take some home with me so I can smell them all I want! I guess that is why we wear perfume!

Memorial Day Monday we went to Mt. Prospect for some sunshine!
Bee is watching a group of guys play soccer as she crawls off the blanket to find more interesting objects!


Alexander 10:26 PM  

How was the game of Frisbee?

Anonymous 11:21 PM  

Great pics! It is obvious to me that Bee love the skooter better than the snake! She is changing! It looks like a great time with Joe, Christina! Too bad this baby gets no love or attention!
The flowers are beautiful! Great shots!
Hugs and Kisses to all!

Anonymous 11:53 PM  

Annie, I just smile and smile every time I look at your blog! I love your pictures of Bee!!! She is adorable. Thank you for talking to Jess today. It helped her alot!! Love to all.

Anonymous 1:19 AM  

the last pic is my fave, but I love the blog. It had been awhile. Shelly scored with the sailor dress! dsheely

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