Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Secret To Silky Smooth Baby Skin In 8 Easy Steps!

Friday was beach day!
We took the B train to Brighton Beach then walked the 10 minute walk to Manhattan Beach. It was a great day for the beach! Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Bee's first time in the ocean! The water was a little chilly!

Get ready...I have found the secret to baby soft skin! Please be sure to follow each step exactly as instructed.
Step 1: Hang out with a good friend before treatments begin.
Step 2: Talk with your friend about fun and new exciting things. Learn something from them!
Step 3: Soak in the sun and God's beautiful creations.
Step 4: Be careful not to get too much sun. So, relax in the shade by yourself.
Step 5: Place sweet potatoes everywhere. Don't worry if they get on your clothes. They will wash out.
Step 6: Here is where you can get creative. Take avocados and place them on our body. Pay special attention to the area between your eyes. Most people neglect this part of the body. For a real treat mix in a little more sweet potato or even try a little mashed banana.

Step 7: (not pictured) Rinse your entire body with warm water.
Step 8: (not pictured) Get a full 12 hours of sleep.

That's it! I hope everyone's skin will be as smooth as a babies bottom!


Anonymous 3:04 PM  

Weird...I left a comment yesterday. I guess I didn't check that it posted!
Enjoyed the ocean video. Bee sure knows her momma's helped avoiding a crying situtation!
My favorite for soft skin is the avacado facial! Bee looks good in green!
So glad you are enjoying the beach! The baby-catcher is a great thing to have in the sand!
Enjoy! Enjoy!
Hugs and kisses to all!

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