Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sew Can Bee

Happy Mother's Day!
My official Mother's Day blog will come later but here are some pictures I meant to put up a few days ago!

My Mom's group is having a weekly music class. Here are the babies in between songs just hanging out. Bee is trying really hard to get to the toy that she wants!
I made Bee this dress with a cute pattern I bought off of Etsy. It was my first time sewing with a pattern.

Bee in her "Big E" t-shirt that Marvin gave her when I was pregnant!
She is a big girl!
I was going to delete this picture from my camera but I thought it was kind of interesting. Her eyes are as round and as blue as the ball!
Bryna, Astrid and I hanging out with the babes. Bee is tring some peas and Mia is loving her yogurt.
Play Ball Bee


Anonymous 10:15 PM  

Very cute blog. I love the dress you made Bee. She looks darling in it! Way to go Annie! She is really changing to a little person not a baby so much anymore. Great video the noise she makes!
Hugs and Kisses!

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