Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Garden, Date Night, and bird watching

Another Sunny Tuesday at the BBG!
Local photography students stopped to take some pics of the Bee!
Bee loves flowers!

Happy Baby

"Look Ma, one hand!"

Date Night!!!!???!!!
First real date since the whole giving birth thing!
Thank you Cristina for coming over to keep watching over the sleeping Bee!
Did you all see the previous post about the Bee Story written and captured by Cristina?
We had dinner at James. Yummy. I didn't want the meal to end it was so good.

Then dessert at the Chocolate Room.

Wednesday we went to the Jamacia Bay Wildlife Refuge. Living here are over 350 species of birds. We saw and heard lots of birdies!
Cool Bird!
We have seen lots of Geese before but it was Bee's first encounter with such large birds!
4 Parents and 1 child
Pretty Bird!
Mama and her babies!


Alexander 10:47 PM  

three things at once, how exciting

Anonymous 11:06 PM  

Oh those photographers know a great subject when they see one. The BEE is darling in the flowered outfit!
Wow...there is life after having a baby! It just takes about 7 months to discover even 1 night!
Cool bird pics...Nate and Meg should really enjoy this blog!
Hugs and Kisses..
Thanks for the great pics!

Anonymous 10:34 AM  

whats up with the girl smashing her face.....

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