Monday, May 18, 2009

Go Veggies!

We went to the West Village for the Veggie Pride Parade Sunday afternoon!
We thought it would be a bunch of colorful veggie costumes supporting eating vegetables but it was more of a meat protest.
Had I found out about it earlier, I would have made us all veggie costumes. Instead I just made Bee a potatoe costume from materials at home. She didn't wear it because it was her nap time during the parade and she slept in the ergo as we walked. Not pictured is her potatoe onesie and this is her lil' spud skirt!
We got off of the parade route to stop at a highly rated vegetarian restaurant we have been wanting to go to.
Honey Bee display in the window of Anthropologie store.

Bee and the giant beehive!
Mr. Carrot, Cory and Bee at Union Square.
Cory and Bee spent some time on the grass while I was shopping at the baby store in Union Square.
Bee loves the grass! She is proud that she has some in her hand!
She likes to look at everything!

Bee and the grass!

Bee was saying Dada alot but when I got the camera out she got distracted!

Last Friday's Music Class!
Bee playing a maraca!

There were 15 babies in a Brooklyn apartment! Not bad!
Bee loves getting together with other babies because she loves playing with new toys. In this picture you can tell she really wants to get back on the floor! It is fun watching babies interact with other babies. It is the only time in her life she can pull other girl's hair and other babies can push her over with no one getting in trouble! Good times!


Brady and Jarin 11:08 AM  

I love your creativity! You guys are so involved in many different exciting things! I can't wait until one day we can come visit you guys:) I'll try to call you this week. We need to catch up!

Anonymous 11:32 PM  

Great post! I love the lil' spud skirt! She would look so cute in it! The videos are amazing. Love to her hear talk and see her clap! The baby group looks like a blast! I remember her first get together when she was only 2 weeks old. What a great group of moms and babies! And of course, Bee in her element at the guys don't miss a trick! Fun Fun Fun!
Thanks for the smiles!
Hugs and Kisses to you all!

Anonymous 9:06 PM  

Where is Mr. Carrots hand? Cory has the "oh, no you don't" look on his face. Stay away from those root veggies, they're fast.

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