Saturday, May 02, 2009

Brooklyn Botanical's Cherry Blossoms

The most wonderful time of the year...Spring Time!!!

The Cherry Blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden are in full effect!!!
We spent a couple of hours under the trees in the orchard and it was amazing.
Bee turned 28 weeks on the 28th of April (the day of these pics).


Anonymous 10:13 AM  

Simply Breathtaking! The colors are magnificient! Love Bee barefoot in the park! Beautiful!

Garden Gal in Cal 7:06 PM  

Postcard pretty, Bee and the blossoms. i can understand why she wants to eat them. Love ya.

The Sippels 2:04 AM  

Hey Annie! I love the pictures..they are beautiful! We miss you guys so much and hope we can see you all very soon. I started a blog so that I could post some pictures of Callie. I just put her b-day pictures up if you want to check them out.

Love you guys!

Bakka 12:14 PM  

it looks like bee was out in full force doing what bees do....

Rachel :) 8:09 PM  

these pictures are amazing! I've been busy and missed a couple blogs, so I'm catching up. I love all the pictures and stories!!

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