Wednesday, May 13, 2009

R2G to the BBG

Bee turned 7 months old today!!! My how time has flown. Or should I say buzzed by?

We spent the afternoon at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden(BBG) and it was lovely. It is just a short walk from our house! I hope you enjoy the pictures! The main attractions were the azaleas, bluebells and Japanese Tree Peonys!

Bee had a great time playing the nature. In this picture she is cutting the grass!

Daddy and Bee and the see of bluebells! You might see lots of pictures of Bee like this because she likes to clap her hands!
This is a fun tree to hang out under!

Bee rocking climbing!

The peony's were bigger than Bee's head!

Annie, Bee, Byrna, Felix, Astrid and Mia

Nice Cory!

Bee really liked sitting in front of the bluebells because of the fun bark and leaves she could find!


Anonymous 9:00 PM  

Happy Birthday Big Bee!
Darling pictures. Rock climbing, clapping, licking leaves, reaching for Bryna's hair, Bee is a busy girl!

Hey Annie, did you make her pink flowered pants? They are cute! I like the green and pink together.
Hugs and Kisses to all!

Rachel :) 6:26 PM  

I love these pictures! You guys have an amazing camera-what kind is it?

You are my crafting/sewing inspiration. Was it hard to learn? Did you teach yourself or take a class? I have a machine but haven't used it yet.

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