Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Bee Hive

Baby Bee's Nursery is ready and waiting for her arrival!!! I am due on the 12th, but only God knows when she will be here! I have started the Braxton Hicks contractions! So, I am resting a lot but also trying to be productive as I wait to meet her! Grandma Marlene made Bee a custom made crib skirt and sheet set. Thank You Grandma-to-Bee!!! They are so cute! They match perfectly in her room!
I made Bee wall art and a mobile.
The mobile is made with an vintage dishcloth, felt, yarn, cardboard. cardstock and glue! The mobile is also connected to a motor that turns it and plays a Paul Simon tune!
High contrast is what babies love!

I enjoy making things out of felt! I will soon be spending a lot of time in the rocking chair! Bee has a cool unique changing mat (Cooshee Changer). Another view!
Baby Bee's dressers full of clothes!


Scott 6:30 PM  

What time is it?


The west coast is buzzing over Bee's upcoming arrival.

Whoa! The people in that picture above the dresser look like models.

Ashley 6:34 PM  

My husband is a nerd, I apologize.

We are excited though!! Feel free to put another picture in that frame if you get tired of looking at us :)

I hope all is going well and happy to hear Annie is going through her "nesting" period! Soon enough we will all get to meet Bee!

Anonymous 6:36 PM  

Scott and Ashley, You make me smile!

coryandannie 6:54 PM  

I tried to put that big bee in front of Scott. I missed a little.


Anonymous 11:29 PM  

The room is darling! I am soooo excited for this little bundle to get here! Braxton Hicks...easy labor right now!
Do you think this child has enough to wear? Wow!
Love the BEE word on the dresser...very cute!
Hang in there, it won't be long now!

Nate is here as wants to know if you have a Baby Pool going for the day and time?

Allyson 12:40 AM  

Any Day Now....We sent you a package, so it should be arriving soon. I made you a little something and I think that it will match some of your wall hangings....hope so. We love you lots and miss you terribly. We can't wait for that precious little one to arrive. Call us anytime, night or day....

Anonymous 1:13 AM  

hey annie,
baby room looks good we miss you soooo much, cant wait to see you and bee. we miss you lots call us soon, love phil allyson and callie.

Aunty 10:01 AM  

She's almost baked! Some Lovin' is coming from the oven soon! Dang girl you've been busy with that felt. Looks great. Let us know when the timer dings!...Aunty

Sara LeeAnn 9:20 AM  

Corey & Annie - it's utterly perfect. What a lovely nursery for baby Bee to come home to! Best to you both during this exciting time. :-)

Anonymous 8:04 PM  

Congradulations! She is lovley!

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