Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy 1 Week Birthday Bee!

1:15pm this monday, Bee celebrated her 1 week birthday!!!Margie and daughter Abbie were over to celebrate!!! Abbie is 2 months old.
Bee loves her sleep sack!
Our little doll!

Bryna's baby is due November 20th!!! More friends for Bee! We don't know if it's going to be a boyfriend or a girlfriend yet!

Our little squishy face baby!
Bee is 9 days old in this picture! It's still hard to believe she was inside of me for 40 weeks!


Anonymous 10:30 AM  

Happy 1st Week Birthday to You, Happy 1st Week Birthday to You,
Happy 1st Week Birthday dear BEE,
Happy 1st Week Birthday to you!
(hear the tune)
See you on Saturday!

Sara Coppenger 5:00 PM  

Congratulations Annie & Cory!!

Bee, welcome home! What a cute little girl you've got there! Aren't babies wonderful?

Annie, I hope you get some rest, sounds like you need it!

much love,

Fancypants 11:52 PM  

Bee seems to be growing up very fast. Can't we slow down this process. She'll be dating before we know it...Aunty S (We are back in Marin, I'm fixin' to go get a camera...Love you

Anonymous 9:24 AM  

Annie and Cory...she is beautiful. Enjoy having your family visit!!! Keep those pictures coming. We can't wairt to meet your beloved Bee!!! Kerry

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