Monday, October 20, 2008

1st week at home Bee

Bee wasn't crazy about her sponge bath.

Smiling burrito Bee!
Sling time with daddy!
Pretty Baby Bee!
Cristina and Bee!
Miss Bruce what is wrong?

Clem and Ryan brought over homemade stew and maccaroons(my favorite since I had them in Paris) from a fancy French Bakery in Manhattan.


Anonymous 4:54 PM  

What a cutie! She looks so smart, too! (You parents look pretty great, too! You must be getting SOME sleep.)

Love to all.


Anonymous 4:59 PM  

Stop it. Too...much...cuteness. Can't take it much...longer.......................


Anonymous 9:46 PM  

Can't get enough of that Baby Bee! What great expressions! She has quite a range. Quite expressive for such a young age. Perhaps an actress, at least a drama queen....
It is such a shame that this child is not loved!
Bee Rules!

Anonymous 12:43 AM  

What a cute girl! Congratulations you guys!

Love the new video.


Anonymous 2:18 PM  

i have never seen a newborn so expressive as well! she really is a peach!! you guys look like your having so much fun..what a perfect little familia!

your friend,

Anonymous 12:31 AM  

Oh Annie and Cory,
Bee is BEEautiful and so alert!!!
We are praying for all of you daily.
Enjoy BEEing together!!!
We love you!!!
Kerry and Rick

Anonymous 5:06 AM  



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