Tuesday, October 07, 2008

39 and counting

Bee is due on the 12th, but when will she arrive? If you have any guesses, speak now, or forever hold your predictions!!! I think she will bee here on the 12th because she is a good little girl who does what she is asked!!! I found out that my dad was a preemie weighing in below 6lbs and Cory's dad was late weighing in at over 10lbs! I'll take the average of those two!

Can you find Cory in this picture?


No Flash
I am one plump plum!


Bakka 5:21 PM  

id say oct 14. its Beverly Grant's birthday. her nickname is bee. coincidence? i think not....

The Aunt 7:19 PM  

On you Mommies side they all go early and have good size babies. God only knows. Lets just hope Bee doesn't have Ross's head. She's still high, I'm going with the 16th She's a middle of the week girl. Sportin' the purple. Looks good on you. Reminds me of the sparkly dress. LoveyouAunty

Anonymous 12:52 AM  

I'm going with Wednesday the 15th! It is exactly between your birthdays!
If she waits until the 16th, that is Boss Day. I bet she will be the boss for at least the 1st year of your life! I know she will be loved no matter when she arrives!
You look fabulous!
Best wishes, thoughts and prayers for your exciting day!

nate-in-the-box 12:56 AM  

because the 14th was taken, i'll say the 15th. first baby, midwife, preferred non-surgical outcome, ornery-ness: all point to a later delivery. I'll go so far as to estimate 6-8 hours of (actual, 3-4cm to completion)labor.

Rachel :) 8:28 PM  

the 10th. it's "Double Tenth Day" and easy to remember! :)

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