Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baby Bee 2nd and 3rd day alive

I'm back!!! Here are more pictures of Bee! I will be sharing my detailed story when I get a little more sleep, until then enjoy the pictures! What I will say is...God is good! He gave me the strength and brought relief just when I needed it.

Bee has Cory's feet! Her baby skin was so wrinkly and dry but it is almost 100% now! Bee did not enjoy me taking off her bandaids. The bandaids were put on because of the needle pricks she had to get from the doctors.

Flowers from my Dad and Jill. Bee's love flowers!!!Speaking of bees...How do you like our little Bee?

Bee already loves her daddy!

Just arrived at home! Bee was a sweet angel all the way home in her first car ride.
I am going to go feed my baby now and then try to catch an hour of sleep!


Happynhanford 9:01 PM  

Wow...this is a cute Bee! What a great baby! You are really blessed!

Aunty Schmanty 9:51 PM  

Bee is Fabulous! Simply mahvelous! I Love that Little Baby Girl! I can't wait to hold her and smell that sweet bundle of love...Aunty S

Anonymous 12:05 AM  

Oh my! She is the cutest! Where did she get those cute full rosey cheeks? What a healthy precious little girl! Love Great Aunty Tammy and Keith

nate-in-the-box 2:48 AM  

still so weird. the photos of cory holding her are just so far removed from my concept of my little brother. i honestly don't think i've ever seen him hold another baby. it just blows my mind. annie i could see with a baby, thats not a leap.

i will continue to come to terms with this.

good luck, get rest while you can.

Twice the blessing, The Day in the life of living with twins 10:56 PM  

Cory and Annie-
Congrats on your bundle bee....(Cory, I work with your mom)
Can't wait to see more pics...You can check out my girls too!

Ashley 1:14 AM  

Way to go, Scott sees the picture of Cory holding his baby girl and he wants one. Thanks a lot. She truly is beautiful!

Bakka 2:36 AM  

My name is bruce. bruce that was the toughest name we had. now its just, uh...girly....

Anonymous 2:56 AM  

so young and already all kinds of secrets....

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