Friday, October 31, 2008

Bee's First Halloween!

Sorry I left you all hanging with new pictures of Bee. I have been just a little busy lately! As I am in a time crunch I will not be re-ordering the pictures. They are in reverse order!

This picture was taken just minutes ago!
A very happy baby!
Bee attended her first Halloween party this afternoon!
Elizabeth and her superman son Nathaniel hosted the party today.
I (along with 20 other mom's) are part of an October Mom's group!
Lobster, Bee, Pea in the pod, Chile Pepper, and Carrot.

It was fun meeting other mom's and babies around Bee's age! Did you notice my costume?

Bee's hat didn't stay on very long! Thank's Andrea for her costume!
Caption: ?
My little Honey Bee! Bee's outfit was a present from a California friend. She even has matching Bee socks!
Cory and Marlene went to the view this Thursday. I requested tickets a year ago and they finally came!
Bee loves her mirror!
She enjoys watching and listening to her mobile as she looks in the mirror. Cute Bee outfit from a California friend (Carin).
Family Picture!
Bee found her thumb!!!
Momma and daughter!
Bee's fresh belly button! The cord fell off for Grandma!
Cory adores his daughter!
Marlene custom made burp cloths for Bee with the help of Susan. Thanks Susan for the awesome embroidery work!

Grandma Marlene arrived early Sunday morning from California! Bee is her first grandchild! She has been a huge help for me! I am sad that she will be leaving soon!
Sleeping Angel!
The girls!
Cristina and Jessica came over to hang out with Bee and help me out with some awesome food!!!
Jessica holding Bee for the first time!
Bee wearing a halloween outfit a little early. This outfit was from Kerry and the girls! I was afraid she wouldn't fit in it by Halloween (she still does) because she is growing so fast! This past Tuesday she already weight 9 lbs 1 oz!!!


Aunt Bee 11:00 PM  

She is sooo BIG and cute! We love little Bee, can't wait to meet her. Gramma & Aunty

Rachel :) 6:41 PM  

yeah! I'm glad Bee could wear the october outfit before she got too big! She looks so adorable in her costume too! You are so creative. I'm glad you have a moms group to go to as well-that seems really neat. Thanks for keeping up the blogs and the pictures. It makes me sad that I can't be there-but also I feel like a little part of the new happenings :)

Sojourner "you can't handle the" Truth 3:35 AM  

Oh my god, she is just the cutest thing ever, she looks amazing. Honey, I am so happy for you, and so badly wish I could have been there!! Seriously, this is the first real pang of missing home that I've felt, seeing little Bee.

Oh my god, I want all those babies in their costumes.

Oh, and I'm so impressed that you found a mom's group so quickly--you're supermom!

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